Slonnon was born in Tokyo and grow up in Osaka. He's now living and working in Osaka.

In his high school days,under the name [ cerkute/delft ], he was appearing as a DJ

making minimal and electro music tracks, directing scenic music and composing his music for various works.... In 2001, as a one year project,,,

he gathered his friends and started the band [ unconscious mole convert ]....

After the project, he lived in Montreal, Canada for one and half year...

All the experiences that he had in Canada affected him and his approach of sound...

His focus on creating music has been changed
from "momentary,temporary and exploded sound without any repercussion"
to "subtle changes among things and the continuity of forces of those changes"

Shotrtly after this experiences, he came to a natural ending with [ cerkute/delft ] and after returning to Japan, he started a new solo project, [ s l o n n o n ]....

In this new solo project, he elaborates soundscape
from the sound of "cuttingbow" ( his own made instrument), guitar,electronics,,,

refuse stuff,,lap top,,,,,,field recording, and etc... .

He now puts emphasis on something more spontaneous

that gives him more possibilities to engage sounds on a deeper physical level

than normal instruments would do and that effusively attachs to his own life....

He constructs each of those small phrases of sound to make a loop that creates

ambient and droooooon,,,,noise music.

He is now more interested in proposing a "process of sound".

The improvisational aspect is drifting on continuous subtles changes among
each flakes of sounds.

The whole process becomes an enormous wave
of rich textures which is impossible to reproduce twice.

This way of working is actually bringing him to consider

"the performative aspect of sound" where the sound

becomes a fertile,sensitive and alive matter,,,,,!!!!!!!


Recently, he is extensively playing with,,,,

- an improvisation project, [slonnon / sound + SONSEN GOCHA BACCO / live painting ]